Nemerov Method of Neuromuscular Therapy

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"Compensation is a recruitment pattern that is out of sequence with the natural function of the kinetic chain."

When injured, clients lose access to certain muscles. Compensation creates patterns of tension, pain,and weakness. The Nemerov Method helps clients regain full function, providing quick and long-lasting resolution.

Have you been in treatment for an injury for months?

Has your doctor told you that they can't find anything "wrong," meaning that you don't have anything broken or torn?

Do you feel better after treatment, only to have symptoms return within a few days?

Are you in a cycle of treatment that only keeps you moderately functional but not healed?

Most of my clients see me last, after experiencing what I described above. This is not to impugn other practitioners or modalities. You're probably experiencing persistent compensation, something they are not trained to resolve.
The Nemerov Method addresses the source of these compensation patterns. As a result, over 90% of my clients experience resolution within four treatments. For more detailed information on the Method, please see the "About the Nemerov Method" page.

Specializing in injury rehabilitation and sports performance enhancement.

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