The Nemerov Method
Advanced Neuromuscular Re-education

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Semi-Private Training Available
(24 CE hours)

Location: Bastrop, Texas

Upcoming Workshops

March 5

Location: San Antonio Institute of Neuromuscular Therapy, San Antonio, Texas

3 CE Hours

April 21-23

Location: HandsOn Therapy Education Center, Mesquite (Dallas area), Texas

12 CE Hours


June 24-25

Location: The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, Austin, Texas

12 CE Hours


Upcoming Workshops

June 27

Location: The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, Austin, Texas

3 CE Hours

September 15-16

Location: South Texas Vocational Technical Institute, Brownsville, Texas

12 CE Hours


As a manual therapist, you’re already trying to enhance your client’s motor function by eliminating pain, tension, and restricted movement. The Nemerov Method enhances your ability to quickly improve function, providing a methodology for working directly with the entire motor control system, while fitting within the framework of your existing practice. In many cases, you will see results after the first treatment.

When a muscle suffers trauma from injury or repetitive stress, it becomes functionally weak. When muscles cannot support proper movement, the joint and surrounding tissues become strained, creating persistent symptoms of tension, pain, weakness, and lost range of motion.

The Method creates a focused environment where the motor control center can evaluate the current state of muscular dysfunction, enabling it to reprogram motor coordination. Restoring natural movement enhances rehabilitation.

By integrating the Method with your existing manual therapies, clients experience increased balance, coordination, and strength. Muscle and joint stress resulting from compensated movement begins to resolve. Injured tissues can then heal with less need for repetitive treatment.

This workshop covers:

  • How compensation occurs and why it persists after physical injury heals.
  • Physiological levering principles involved in compensation.
  • How functional muscle testing helps assess and correct compensation patterns.
  • Integrating the Nemerov Method into your existing practice.

There are personal benefits, too:

  • Get your clients out of pain faster.
  • Get more results with less effort.
  • Enhance your assessment and problem-solving skills.
  • Give clients another reason to refer.

A final benefit addresses the issue of longevity in our physically demanding profession. Many practitioners choose early retirement because their bodies break down. Incorporating the Nemerov Method relieves repetitive strain from using tissue modalities to relax tense muscles. By integrating this Method, you’ll enlist the client’s motor system to help this process, replacing some of your hands-on tissue work with this less physically demanding process.

“The Nemerov Method is a very practical and effective tool for Pilates and movement teachers to assess and reprogram healthy motor learning. It provides a teacher with a valuable additional skill to assist clients in improving their movement ability beyond verbal and tactile cueing.” – Tom McCook, founder and director of Center of Balance Pilates Studio, internationally-recognized fitness and movement specialist.

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