The Nemerov Method
Advanced Neuromuscular Re-education

About the Practitioner

Howard Nemerov, LMT, MTI, NCBTMB and licensed continuing educator, is the developer of the Nemerov Method. He has written two books about the work, and his articles have been featured in professional journals and Triathlete Magazine.

He began as a software developer, specializing in debugging defective programs. During this time, he was introduced to therapeutic bodywork at a local massage school. Something about it clicked and he decided this would be his ticket out of the corporate world. While the technical challenge of software was interesting, the desire to develop his own business became overpowering, and he left on a severance package to build his budding practice into a full-time profession.

Building on the teachings of his early mentors, and studying Motor Control Theory and standard Physical Therapy principles, he began to develop the Nemerov Method.

Howard has taught the Method and maintained a clinical practice for 25 years, specializing in injury rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement. His own athletic background enables him to serve as a valuable resource in these areas. He has many years of experience in Personal Injury and Workmen’s Compensation claims, providing RSI treatment for one of the largest high tech firms in the SF Bay Area.

His commitment to excellence has led to outstanding results, averaging 3-4 treatments per client case, with a better-than 90% success rate in resolving clients’ suffering.

Recent clinical research includes protocols for resolving a host of work-related injuries, as well as TMJ, functional scoliosis, dysfunctional gait mechanics, and reintegrating women’s pelvic and spinal function post-partum.

Training is available for qualified professionals.

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